“Do You Want A Fluff-Free Blueprint That Will Make You Stronger, Fitter And More Conditioned… In Just Minutes Per Day?”


I’m about to show you how Weight Plate Workout got me stronger, fitter and more conditioned in just minutes each day…and how it can do exactly the same for you.


From: Marc Stimpson

Date: 1st June 2013

Weight Plate Workout

Dear Friend,

I know you. You’re sick of the so-called “instant cures” and empty promises that never work.

You just want something that gets you results – no outrageous claims, no fluff, just a blueprint to get you to where you want to be.

You’re looking for the simplest, easiest & best way to get stronger, fitter & more conditioned.

I know you.

Because I’ve been you.  

See, before I was the guy you see in the photo above, I was a normal-looking dude. Fit. Athletic. …But a far cry from “ripped”, which was what I would spend my nights and weekends dreaming of becoming.

I wanted it all – and I mean all. I wanted way more than just a buff bod, as you’ll soon see.

That’s the very reason I created a killer workout that will transform your body shape for the better.

…All without anything more than a single tool – a tool you probably already own! I’m serious.

I’m going tell you all about what this fitness-focused workout will do for you. But first… 

Here’s How It Came About


I’ve been training for over 25 years. But I came across a major problem…

There are thousands of different workouts out there. I didn’t just want big muscles… or fitness… I wanted both!

I searched everywhere to find a workout that could provide me with this – just like you’re probably searching right now.

But I came up empty-handed… 

… And I knew I needed to do something about it.

After all, if I was looking for this program, how many 1000s of other guys just like me were?

With so much training under my belt, I set out to CREATE a workout that would help me to get fit, strong and more conditioned.

See, existing workouts just didn’t cut it, and here’s why…

What good are “Killer Six Pack Abs” by themselves. You need full body strength.

And most of the “Weight Loss” products out there just make you lose vital muscle mass. (Which means they actually sap your strength! They literally steal your power from the body you’re trying to strengthen!!!)

I needed to create…: 


A Hard-Core Training Program

That Doesn’t Require an Expensive Gym

OR Expensive Equipment 


If you’re anything like me, you’re not trying to become a Professional Bodybuilder. Real training is about more than just looking the part.


How do you get strong? I’m talking fighting strong?

The answer nearly smacked me in the head when…:


I Picked Up a Weight Plate & Headed to

The Studio In My Gym


My training experience had taught me that you needed to have ALL OVER BODY STRENGTH…

That’s what I needed.

I was fit. I did my cardio. My heart was strong. I was fast.

But I NEEDED all-over body strength.

So I got to work… and, over the course of 3 years – that’s 36 months! – I created and refined a program comprised of nearly 40 secret exercises designed to work every muscle in the body.

Then I got savage.

I combined a dozen of these gut-wrenching exercises into powerful drills that tore away at my muscles… and transformed the list of 40 into…:


“Weight Plate Workout”:

24 Crushing, Muscle-Building Exercises


I didn’t want to take days off if I coudn’t make it into the gym… so I created something that could be done… anywhere. (Well, almost anywhere!)

Weightplate Workout will take you to the next level. We’re talking:

  • Skyrocketing your Strength
  • Catapulting your Conditioning
  • Elevating your Endurance (Cardio and Muscular)
  • Accelerating your Agility
  • … Taking your All-Round Fitness to Unseen Levels

 So now, do me a favour, and imagine this…:



 Knowing You’re at Your

Absolute Physical Peak


Really imagine it! You’re a beast! You’ve got the body of a photoshopped Greek god. You can feel the eyes of a thousand envious onlookers soaking you up, wondering how the hell you got to that state of near physical perfection.

Near. Physical. Perfection.

Best of all? You’re freakin’ oozing confidence.

Because you know you’re not just strong.

You’re not just fit.

You’re not just fast.


I’m about to show you how you can get fighting fit… but first….

As A Fellow Fitness Lover, You Know

Something That Most People Don’t


“The more work you put in, the more you get out.” And there’s a reason I say that…

If you’re prepared to take this workout seriously and follow my workouts…the payoff will be HUGE.

Heck, some guys spend hours in the gym… every day!

But most of us don’t have that kind of time…

It’s not just about training hard. It’s about training smart.

Let me show you what I mean…


Ready To See Your Next – and Best -

Training Program At Work?

Check Out This 2 Minute Action Video

I could tell you about this ‘til I’m blue in the face… or you could check out the 2-minute Official Weight Plate Workout Trailer below:

Feel Your Muscles Twitching?

Hell Yeah!

Now, Here’s What You’ll Be Getting with

Weight Plate Workout


When you order Weight Plate Workout today, you’ll get Instant Access to a total of 24 different exercises, including:

  • 14 different exercises that work multiple muscle groups… at the same time
  • My best 5 chest exercises
  • My best 5 core exercises
  • 5 high-intensity, non-stop circuits
  • All Filmed in High Definition

….all exercises are performed by myself with a 20kg plate (and a couple performed with 2 x 10kg plates)

Yep, you read that right.

You only need my course + a weight plate to get fighting fit… and to be the envy of your gym buddies.


I Paid Massive Bucks for


to be Professionally Filmed

 in Crystal Clear HD.


Because guys like us demand High Definition.

I could have filmed it myself….

But then I thought….

You deserve to see these exercises in all their glory.


Do It All

From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

(But Don’t Expect to Feel “Comfortable”)


Just imagine how convenient it will be to have a workout that you can do at home…

  • All you need is your copy of Weightplate Workout… a weight plate… & enough room to (swing a cat) work out
  • No Travel – saving you time & hard-earned cash!
  • Who cares if the gym’s open!?
  • You have the freedom to do it whenever & wherever you want
  • Work out at your own pace – you set the intensity

Here’s How Weight Plate Workout

Overhauled a Kickboxing Blackbelt’s


“I’ve Been Training For Over Thirty Years and It’s Amazing To Find a Workout That Actually Goes Hand-in-Hand With My Fight Training!”

When Marc first told me that he had created a workout could complement my fight training, I didn’t know what to expect! He shocked me again when he told me that it involved a weight plate.

I’ve been training in martial arts for over 30 years and been teaching for twenty years. During that time I don’t think I’d ever found an exercise workout that could help my strength and fitness all at one time.

When Marc invited me to come and train with him at his studio, I was excited to see what exercises he’d come up with.

Then I saw him in action, he made it look so easy!

I could see that this “mysterious” workout he’d been telling about was working practically every muscle in his body.

It was awesome and now it was my turn to give it a try!

Marc showed me 7 exercises from his workout, the first week was the hardest! But after a couple of weeks I could definately feel the difference.

I felt fitter, stronger and more conditioned… but hadn’t lost any speed!

Let me tell you something: This isn’t easy but it works!

Just be warned: It’s not for the feint hearted!

“I’ve been training for over thirty years and it’s amazing to find a workout that actually goes hand-in-hand with my fight training!”



Edward Irish, Leeds Freestyle Kickboxing Blackbelt and Instructor 


You Won’t Believe What Else I’m Going

To Give You…For FREE


I’m offering the first 100 people to buy Weight Plate Workout truly amazing bonuses valued at $341 USD:


Bonus 1: The Weight Plate Workout Manual (Real Value: $47)

weightplate workout ebook

This info-packed manual will shortly be available at a retail cost of $47… and the other guys in my gym have been beating down my door for their own advance copies. What did I tell them? 

“Wait your damn turn!”

However, because I know it will help you make an even greater success of this product and to thank you for ordering so promptly, I’m making just 100 copies of this fine book (valued at a price of $47) absolutely free of charge.


But remember, only the first 100 people to order get this amazing bonus valued at $47. So do yourself a favour and get ready to buy – because the magic button to click is coming up fast.

The Weight Plate Workout Manual contains:

  • Step-by-step Instructions (complete with detailed pictures) of all 24 exercises
  • Details on Where to Buy a Weight Plate
  • Rep Guidelines so you know what you should be working towards
  • Circuits – how they work & how to build up to them
  • “The Weightplate Workout Cheat Sheet” – a single “cheat sheet” that contains all of exercises, which you can easily print out.
  • PDF Format – Readable on any computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Bonus 2: The Weight Plate Workout Diet Plan (Real Value: $97)

weightplate workout diet plan

  • A professionally written 4 week diet plan that I have personally used
  • 6 different options to choose from for each main meal
  • Lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way
  • A plan that won’t drain your much-needed energy
  • No guesswork – All your portion sizes are given (in grams)
  • PDF Format - Readable on any computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Bonus 3: 180 Days Of Email Support (Real Value: $197)

  • As a Weight Plate Workout Member, you’ll have my personal email address so you can contact me at any time
  • I’ll personally answer any of your queries about any aspect of Weight Plate Workout
  • You’ll also receive Full Technical Support in the unlikely event that you encounter any login or technical problems

 That’s almost $350 worth of productsFOR FREE when you buy today.


Try This Completely Risk Free

For A Full 60 Days!

My 60 Day “Buy It Back” Guarantee ensures you’re not risking a single cent of your hard-earned cash!

If for any reason the product doesn’t work for you… You will get your money back… No Questions Asked!

Plus, you’ll have my personal email address if you need to get in touch.


You Get Nearly $550 Worth of

Amazing Materials – Including the Body-

Transforming Weightplate Workout


Before we go any further… I just want to remind you of everything you’re about to get when you order Weightplate Workout:

  • High Definition Videos of all 24 different exercises
  • Step-by-step instructions for every exercise
  • All 5 Circuits in Crystal Clear High Definition
  • Bonus 1 – The Weight Plate Workout Manual$47 Value
  • Bonus 2 – The Weight Plate Workout Diet Plan$97 Value
  • Bonus 3 – 30 Days’ Worth of Email Support$197 Value
  • A 60 Day, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee


Here’s How I Set This Bargain Price


Today you can pick up your copy of Weight Plate Workout for only $47.

Yes, I did say just $47… FOR EVERYTHING!

I’ve kept Weight Plate Workout a secret for well over a year… if you’re wondering how the price is so low… guess what?

  • I don’t want a high price to stop you from improving your strength and fitness.
  • To celebrate the launch of Weight Plate Workout, I’m giving you a HUGE discount. There are only a handful of spots left at this price…
  • As this product is delivered electronically… I don’t have any Shipping & Handling costs… so I’m passing those savings directly to you!

Why It’s Such A Great Deal for You

As I’m sure you’ve found…expensive gym memberships and personal training sessions soon add up. Weight Plate Workout is an absolute bargain in comparison.

Even if you throw in the price of a weight plate… (let’s be generous and say $60)… you’re still saving yourself a whole freakin’ pile of money.

On top of this… imagine all the money & time you’ll save…when you don’t have travel anywhere to work out!


Here’s How You Can Grab This Product,

Right Now!

Yes, Marc!

Please give me instant online access to the entire Weight Plate Workout product and all of the bonuses.

As soon as you order, you’ll be sent an email with your login details for instant access to the product.

I want to:

  • Get fitter, stronger and more conditioned in under 5 hours per week
  • Be at my physical peak in ths soonest possible time
  • Get my High Definition videos of all 24 exercises and all 5 circuits
  • Save $130 on the regular retail price
  • Have the freedom to work out whenever I want, wherever I want & at the pace I choose
  • Grab my copy of Weight Plate Workout for just $47
  • Get my 3 FREE bonuses (worth $341)  - the Weight Plate Workout Manual, the Weight Plate Workout Diet Plan and 180 Days of Email Support COMPLETELY FREE
  • Have up to 60 days to get my money back if the product doesn’t work for me
  • Not have to wait around for DVDs to be delivered so I can get started today
  • Get $358 worth of products for just $47 when I order today


Marc Stimpson, Fitness Instructor, Gym Owner and Founder of WeightPlateWorkout.com


P.S. Just imagine…in 5 minutes or less…you can be taking the first steps towards getting yourself fighting fit in under 5 hours per week!

P.P.P.S. You need to move fast if you want to get these 3 awesome bonuses (combined value $341) for FREE when you buy Weight Plate Workout. Remember, they’re only available for the first 100 people who buy.



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